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« One day we will realise that Raphael and Vermeer had already discovered everything about painting. »Salvador Dali 1945
Copy Vermeer de Delft
Website dedicated to the copying of Vermeer’s paintings  
To see is to understand, that is the motto of our formula « Demonstration » based on the way apprentices in Renaissance Masters' workshops started their 6 year long studies by just watching, in order to understand the process of producing a piece of Art.

In the same way you will discover the general theoretical and practical steps necessary to achieve a painting as Vermeer would have: crushing the pigments, preparing and making a canvas, applying the layerss: imprematura then different coatings for the effects of lights and textures... Price: 80€ per hour, 15 people maximum per demonstration (30mns)

All material is included: pigments, tubes, pestle and mortar, linen canvas, stretcher, a copy currently under way...

Because of the difficulties implied, the demonstration workshop is not available outside the European Union. A certified translator is necessary outside of french speaking countries.
Contacts :Phone : +33 (0)6 35 45 48 24
Mail : mickael.leroy@copy-vermeer.com
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