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« One day we will realise that Raphael and Vermeer had already discovered everything about painting. »Salvador Dali 1945
Copy Vermeer de Delft
Website dedicated to the copying of Vermeer’s paintings  
Unlike traditional artwork conferences where the presenter speaks about the paintings using a videoprojector, I allow you a face to face experience with them, displayed chronologically in a semi circle so as to help visitors better realise Vermeer’s artistic evolution.

The exhibition will be completed with a HD screen display of visuals designed to make you better understand and perceive each artwork’s singularity and Vermeer’s technique including his work on textures.

To develop my presentation I use sources and writings contemporary to the painter as well as documentaries and articles published since his rediscovery in 1866, initiated by Thoré Burger in the “Gazette des Beaux Arts”.
Conference duration :
1 hour and a half (30mn included for public interaction)
6 Paintings270 euros
8 Paintings340 euros
10 Paintings400 euros
12 Paintings500 euros
14 Paintings600 euros
70 euros discount for a plain exhibition without a presentation. For any exhibition outside France please follow this link to the “contact” page (certified translator necessary for the conference)
Contacts :Phone : +33 (0)6 35 45 48 24
Mail : mickael.leroy@copy-vermeer.com
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